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You don’t always have to travel far for a fun photo op. 

I once heard someone say that “your backyard is someone else’s dream location”. I couldn’t agree more, and have always been able to find new things to shoot in my backyard. What might seem boring and plain to us is exciting and filled with new possibilities for someone across the world. 

Tonight I watched my 3yr old son playing with his bubble blowing toy and noticed that the bubbles piled up on the grass in some very cool patterns. So of course I grabbed the camera and the bubble gun and took advantage of a free 5 min in the backyard during “magic hour” (perfect light for photographers). Shooting with my Nikon D800 and Sigma 50mm f2.8 macro lens here are a few shots I was able to get. 

Try it sometime, look at the boring everyday stuff around you and try to see something new and exciting. It doesn’t have to be groundbreaking but you will always learn something new… every time! 

Hope you enjoy. 

Brian Craig