Every year the city of Rochester puts on an amazing light display (Lagniappe). All of the shops and buildings are encrusted with twinkling Christmas lights, like something you would see at Disney World. It’s a pretty big event and brings a lot of business to the local community. 

On  just about every street corner you will see a photographer or 3 trying their best to capture this moment. Some zooming, some long exposures and some just trying to fit it all into their lens. Others are just happy with a quick Instagram post and off to grab some locally roasted coffee. 

I was of course one of these photogs, but this year my wife and I brought our 22 mth old son with us. As you can imagine that leaves little time for standing around shooting photos all night so I decided to try something different, The Lensbaby Composer Lens. Fitted its 2.8 aperture ring, I was able to grab a few more unique shots of the sights. 

Hope you enjoy.