Improv Portraits

One of the great things about being a photographer is that you never know what that next phone call or email will bring you.

This time I have the pleasure of shooting promo head shots for an improv comedy group that was coming to town. We had about a 1 hour window before the show to get some stuff. I think we did a great job and even had some time to try out some different things. 321 Improv.

These guys were a riot to work with. They knew exactly what to do and even brought some fresh ideas to the shoot. 

My set up was fairly simple. 2 nikon sb600’s, 3 pocket wizards, an assortment of shoot thru umbrellas and a 9ft wide charcoal seamless backdrop. Shooting with my Nikon D800, Nikon 50mm f1.8 and testing out my new Sigma 24mm f1.8. Everything performed wonderfully! 

Portrait sessions can often be awkward, think of ways to make them fun. Music, jokes, stories.. whatever works. but more you can get the person to open up and relax the better your shots will be, capturing the “real” person.