Live Concert Polaroids.

Saturday night a few friends put on a concert, a night of awesome talent and music. This was to celebrate the release of DL Rossi’s (top photo) new self titled album. I decided to bring along my 1963 Polaroid Automatic 100 Land Camera for some fun. Here are 2 versions of images this camera cam produce: 1-the scanned negative. 2-the scanned print. I love both of these looks and depending on the feel of the scene I will use either. This was my first time shooting it in an actual concert usually i am all digital. This stage had awful lighting but i am looking forward to trying it out on better stages. 

Please download DL Rossi’s album and support musicians who are passionate about great song writing and wonderful music.

Also check out Flint Eastwood (Clay Carnill featured in bottom photo), an amazing band along the lines of The Black Keys and a few other straight out awesome high energy rock bands. Jax the front woman of Flint Eastwood was one of the most energetic leaders I’ve seen and was able to whoop that crowd up in no time! 

Thanks for the music friends.