I’m not a writer but i wanted to share a bit of good news. 

Last week I received an email from Kensigton Church in Troy, Michigan asking if I would go on a mission trip to Kenya, Africa in January. I would be the photographer responsible for taking portraits of all 800+ children in 3 orphanages that we work with for a sponsor program www.Nochild.org 

4-5 years ago I had a camera and liked to take photos; that was the extent of my photography career. I dreamed and wished that one day something would come of it, but i did the same with Baseball as a kid… It was just a day dream. 

I cannot believe the experiences I have had, people I’ve met and places I’ve been able to go. The crazy part is that I have not planned for any of it. I am actually “anti planning”. All I did was take a chance and “step out of the boat”, my world has not been the same since.  I feel if you are in tune with God and in constant conversation then you are going to find out very clearly where you should be going next, the door will open.. or sometimes close…but thats another post.

A dream of mine was to shoot photos in a far off land; India, Africa, China… anywhere. But  it never seemed like a reality, just one of those things i would always wish for but never get. Well this week it happened! Big time! and this is for a great cause, a dream with purpose. 

I know this will not be without discomfort, hard work and stress on the family as I will leave behind a 7mth pregnant wife and a 2 yr old son for 2 weeks. But we have prayed and talked at length about it and feel its the right move. A peace fell on the whole situation. 

Follow me as I prepare for this new and exciting journey. This will be my first trip out of North America…and its a doozy!