Vinsetta Garage gets some 35mm film love.

Once a long running, fully functional auto shop just miles outside of the motor city, Detroit, MI. After years of sitting empty a local restaurant owner decided it would be a great place for a cool restaurant right on the old drag strip of Woodward Ave. 

If you are in the Detroit area make sure not to miss this amazing and eye catching place. Full of great unique burgers (Duck burgers with cherry compote, 3AM Egg Burgers and a Greek Lamb burger), the best onion rings I’ve had (sorry Red Coat Tavern), wood fired pizzas and the best Mac n Cheese around (this is a hot topic of debate in Detroit but I know where my allegiance stands). They also feature a crazy beer and wine list with a cool bar that looks into the “kitchen” where the cooks all wear mechanics shirts with their names on patches. The kicker, and where they rise above many other places is that darn near everything on the menu is made in house right down to the pretzel buns. “If we thought we could make ketchup better than Heinz then we would..” said the Exec Chef.

Ok, on to the photos, this isn’t a food review. These are 35mm film photographs I took years ago and just stumbled across them today. Taken with my old Minolta which was my dads that he gave to me. This gives you an idea of what the garage looked like back in the day. As you can see in the gallery on their site, not much as changed. They did swap out the old gas pumps for 2 electric car charging “pumps” which I think is pretty neat! But they really worked on keeping the same look and feel right down to drawings on the walls from former mechanics and air hoses coiled up in the ceiling. Literally everywhere you look you will see some cool piece. 

If you are a car buff check it out, if you love a great burger check it out, if you just want a cool place to look around and grab a drink then this is your place. Just one of the many awesome places Detroit has popping up. The food scene is revitalizing this city and we are reaping the benefits. also check out their other amazing restaurant The Union Woodshop in Clarkston, MI. 

thanks for looking

Brian Craig